What Internships are NOT Supposed To Be

Many college students are into the idea of doing internships and they do help you learn. But there are things that we should know about any arena that we enter.

There is no perfect internship

We all have the image of a perfect internship with perfect working conditions and perfect colleagues, but it is not real. Internships shall be considered like bumpy rides where we need to be prepared for all kinds of situations. We learn something when we work for it.

They are not all about the money

We all need a little more in our wallets than what we usually have. But opting for internships that pay well but do not contribute to your knowledge or skills is not a good option until you really need some extra money.

Something to decorate your CV with

There is no use of carrying certificates that would not back up your skills. What I mean here is that there is no use of doing internships unrelated to your interest just for certifictaes because when you apply for a job later more certificates do not mean good working skills.

Non-Productive work

Doing something non-productive is not the first choice. Do not work as interns in a place that do not contribute to your skills; also there are some internships that take a hell lot of work from you unrelated to what you are interested in and sometimes without a stipend.

A lot of work under the guise of internships

When you are doing an internship it is understood that you get very busy, but an internship with working hours like a permanent employee and back breaking work load is just exploitative.

Taking up all your time

Internships usually are of a short duration and they are meant to be so. It is alright if you like to do extended internships as one can become comfortable with it. But there is no restriction if you want to take a break. Short internships would give you the required variation too.
College vacations are a good time for internships but do not forget to enjoy, go out and take a trip, do other stuff as well.

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Soumya Mahajan

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