Types of Professors You Will Meet In College

When you go to college, you meet a vibrant mix of people, students as well as professors. Not one professor would be like the other.

The Breathless Lecturer

This professor waits for none. The moment your class commences, he or she starts lecturing. Also, this professor would be the fastest speaker too. He or she won't look down to see if you are able to complete the notes. You might request them to slow down but after a few moments of normal pace they resume their original form and if you miss something, there is no turning back.

Also, if you have class for an hour, they will keep lecturing, non-stop, for one complete hour.

The Stylish One

When the Stylish One enters, you are left awestruck. At the same time, you might feel underdressed. This professor is not just a one hit wonder, but would remain stylish throughout the semester.

The Comedian

This professor tries to make the class interesting by cracking numerous jokes. None of them would be funny. With every joke you would feel a part of yourself trying to break loose from you and run away. However, there would be one or two students who would laugh on that joke. It might be because they want a good grade or they share the same sense of humour.

The Passionate Professor

You should feel lucky to have this kind of professor around. They not only make the class interesting but inspire you too. They are always energetic, available for students whenever their help is needed and really want their students to succeed.
They make you want to listen and learn in the class.

The One who Screams

This professor might be louder than the other professors but he or she is in a habit of screaming in between their lectures. No, not on their students. They get excited soon and try to make a point by screaming what they think is important in the topic they are teaching.

These are few types of professors you would find apart from many others. And trust me, this might become a mode of your entertainment too.

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