Time Management Skills Every Student Needs

The first year of college is as important as the later years. It can be one of the most tiring times too. The new independence, new people and excitement can gradually take a toll on you. Time management is important to keep your mind and body into a healthy state. The travelling, classes, hanging out will leave you tired and would not leave you with much spare time. The bigger question is how to manage time once we have decided to get organised. Here are a few things you can do:

Make a schedule and follow it

ugh! A time table? Not exactly a time table but yes something like it. We all have difficulty sticking to a time table. But to be honest, now is the time to start doing so or else welcome a tired you and more of last minute panic situations. The general problem in the making of the time table is that we schedule it with very unrealistic goals.

i) Try and keep your schedule simple and comfortable.
ii) Make a list of the tasks to be done daily, weekly or monthly.
iii) Have a calendar and use it to keep all the dates noted for the work due.
iv) Make a realistic schedule.
v) It is okay not to complete the task exactly at the decided time but it is not okay to procrastinate.

Learn to say NO

This is one the most important yet difficult thing you have to do. There would be a lot of tempting stuff around you, but you got to think and resist. There is no restriction on having fun but don't let all this overwhelm you. If you have an assignment due the next day, don't always let the cool party or the hangout overcome you. If you really want to attend an event, do the work before hand but do not leave it for later.

Breaking the tasks into smaller parts

Many time management experts have suggested breaking bigger tasks into smaller ones in order to avoid stress. For example, if you have to submit a research paper for your internal assessment, first make an outline of what you would want to cover in that paper, followed by the research and then compiling the results, then start writing about it. Do this in a well planned manner and you would be able to make the most of your time.

Keep in mind the social time too

College is a fun place and not about just studies, assignments, marks and degrees. You learn a lot of new stuff. There would be a lot of fun things and people to do them with, which is one of the best part of college. So don't miss out on the fun. Add social events to your calendar too and make sure you attend them.

Stay healthy

Now, staying healthy has been stressed upon a lot when it comes to college. It has a reason too.
First, all the excitement, parties, outings, studying would leave you overwhelmed. You have higher chances of adapting an unhealthy lifestyle in college as compared to school.
Second, if you are not well then your productivity would decrease.
It is therefore important to eat healthy, exercise, sleep well and in all adapt a healthy lifestyle.

Keeping room for the unpredictable

Life is full of unexpected and unplanned things. Sticking to your time table is good but not keeping in mind that there are a lot of things which are unplanned is a fault we can't afford to overlook.
Always keep room for the unpredictable, this also means not having a tight schedule but a simple and comfortable one.

Although, this would look like extra work in the first few weeks of college but these are few of the important things that would let you enjoy to the fullest.

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Soumya Mahajan

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