Things You Would Understand When You are in College

College would be a time to remember, a milestone, start of an awesome era. You would do many things like making a start with your career, making good friends and having a great time. Here are few things you would relate to when in college.

1)The ultimate procrastinators

Even if you delayed your work in school or otherwise, college would enhance this skill of yours. The assignments might not be started till few hours before the deadline. It is an achievement if the work is done before the assigned deadline. But you will always complete your work. After all, it improves your speed and makes your thinking quick, isn’t it?

2)Becoming a foodie

Not everyone likes to experiment with their taste buds. But my experience in college uptil now has made me observe that every person on entering college is likely to get into the habit of exploring places especially related to food.

3)Empty first lectures

The first lecture of the first day of the week might be the emptiest class you would see (apart from the boring lectures that one can afford to miss). It is difficult to come up for the first lecture if it’s early in the morning, like say 8,9am!

4)Forcing yourself to stay awake in lectures

There are times when it is difficult not to feel sleepy in class. It might be the lecture, the professor, the mood or hangover from last night. But sleeping during a lecture is something you can’t risk. The constant drooping of your eyelids and you trying to do everything in your power to stay awake is an interesting experience.

5)College library

It is completely fine to not venture into the college library till the second semester, and it is totally acceptable to pick your first library book in the fourth semester. College libraries are helpful, but just stepping inside them seems like a lot of work.

6)Assignment deadlines and stress

There are two types of students, those who complete the work few hours before the deadline and few of those who start their work on the assigned deadline date. The moment of sheer panic when you realize that procrastination is no more an answer is when you utilize your speed to the optimum.

7)“I have passed my examination!”

Just a few years back, we were trying to give our best to achieve a score of 99.9% and above in school and anything less than that would bum us out. However, college is where you understand, you experience that feeling of completion when you see your result and realize that you have passed. The percentage won’t matter much, but those golden words are music to the ears “I passed my exams!”

8)Those intellectual mature beings in your lecture

Yes, they are the people who would actually participate and answer questions during the lecture; they even put up questions to the professors. Total geeks, eh? But they are the ones you would actually miss when the professor starts taking random quizzes and the class sits silent while those scholars are absent. Everyone is important.

9)Copy and paste

Not every assignment is original. Every student blesses the inventor of Google, Wikipedia, copy and paste, and the internet. They seem like the truest friends who can answer all your questions and would always be there for you.

10)Time flies

The starting of college would make us wonder “How are we going to pass these years?” and it won’t be very late when you realize how quickly time flies. This is the time when one actually understands that “Time and tide wait for none”. The college time flies very quickly. 3-4 years of college would fly by within a blink of the eyes.

Enjoy your time in college and make the most of it.

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Soumya Mahajan

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