Things Every Fresher Should Know Before Going To College

Life is going to be completely different as soon as you enter college. You would meet new people, go to new places and you would enjoy it. However, it might be different from anything that you had imagined.

College won’t be a bollywood film

The first and foremost thing, the actual college is different from the one we see in bollywood movies. The campus life would be great but it won’t be as glamorous as is portrayed in the movies. People wouldn’t be dancing or popping up with a karaoke ready style while you would be going to a class. If you see a group dancing that might be a rehearsal or flash mob.

College is different from school

You would be pretty much on your own in college. In most of the colleges we don’t have uniforms. There won’t be a specific time for lunch break. There won’t be mass dictation of notes; professors might not come to your rescue if you mess up. It would be better if one gets to know the college building as soon as possible because unlike school different subjects might be taught in different rooms.
You might want to be vigilant and keep your eyes and ears open for any announcements and keep checking the notice boards.

Join a society or club in college

Don’t shy away from auditioning for a society or club you want to join. Once you get in, it’s a completely different world. You would get unlimited exposure, make new friends and meet like-minded people. In all, it would make college life more interesting. Even if you don’t join a society try and attend several events.

Professors would be different from our school teachers

They might not remember your names. They would teach you but might not dictate notes, so you have to build up your writing skills and jot down the important stuff yourself. However, in case of any query don’t hesitate and approach the professor of your choice confidently.


There might be a fear of talking to seniors to prevent one from being ragged, but many seniors are helpful and would be a source of information to you. They might help you adapt better and show you around college or give you details about the attitude and requirements of particular professors.

Different people

You would meet people of all kinds. Not all would be like you and you might not know all of them. There would be people who regularly attend a class, some who never attend a class, bunkers, total absentees, introverts, extroverts and many others. Be open-minded about everyone.

College is closer to the real world
You would experience many things that are different from school. Even if you face a dilemma similar to one in school, the difference here would be that you might have to solve it completely on your own. You might find college life chaotic after those sheltered years of school life but you would enjoy it.

Stay happy, stay fresh and enjoy the life ahead. All the best!

Soumya Mahajan

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