Things College Students Should Do for Better Results in Life

Apart from getting enrolled in a course of your choice and good colleges we have to take advantage of the opportunities while we still have time.
Here are few things that would help us do better.

1)Get to know your professors
When I say this, I mean talk to them after class about different courses, research projects, internships and other things that can help you after you graduate and even after your post graduation. Do not get personal with them or start treating them like your buddies but remain in touch and get the maximum information you can. They would be the best guides at this stage and might help you with better letters of recommendations.

2)Keep track of the placement cell
Be a part of the placement cell of your college or keep yourself updated about the opportunities that are coming in. Keeping in touch with the placement cell members might be helpful as few of them might guide you to write better resumes and make outstanding presentations.

3)Try and find an internship

Getting an internship would

  • Give you an insight into a workplace environment
  • Help you improve your skills
  • Gain experience
  • Meet like-minded people

4)Master a second language

Bilingual students would stand out and moreover their job prospects would increase. The college years are the best to learn a language and once you have mastered it you won’t be limited to a certain area. It would increase the work space you look for.

5)Read and research
Reading and research would give you an edge over other students. Many skills that we learn while doing research could convince employers that we will succeed in the workplace.
It will help refine our personality too.

6)Get out of your comfort zone
We all are accustomed to our routines and repetitions. College life would keep many challenges in front of you. Don’t ignore them. Get out of your comfort zone and try and solve them. Don’t just stick to what you have been doing while your high school. Explore new ideas, meet new people. These experiences would let you grow and meeting new people might help you in future.

7)Learn to cope up with stress

Early college life might get disappointing for some people; sudden burden of exams, bad results and what not. Stress would be a part of any work you would do later in life. In college you prepare for such moments, learning now would help you prepare mentally for handling stress in your new career. Find the best technique that would help you cope with stress.

8)Time management

This would be the one thing we all are aware of. The board exams, several entrance tests make one habitual of managing time. Keeping important tasks for later might lead to errors or negligence or stress. Manage your time so that you can complete your tasks effectively.

9)Determine your goal

Make a list of both short-term and long-term goals. Write things that would help achieve the goal and work hard to achieve it.

10)Don’t compare your life to others
It is true that in today’s competitive world it is important to stay ahead of others. But it is always harmful to indulge in an unhealthy competition. If you want to grow as a successful person, keep a check on yourself. Try and improve what you lacked earlier. Work on yourself.

These along with many other practices would help us improve ourselves, gain knowledge and lead a better life. This will not only help us get a good job but also assures us of success in the field we would choose to work for.

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Soumya Mahajan

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