The Shy Girl

“That girl? Yeah, she doesn’t speak a word”, most of the classmates would say.

The one you find sitting on a corner seat, away from the cacophony of the class, lost in her own world, probably thinking about something deeply or engrossed in a book dedicatedly enough to ignore her surroundings, that shy girl you initially never thought about can be one of the best friends you’ll ever come across!

Here are 5 things you can relate to if you’ve befriended that ‘shy girl’ of your class:

  1. While most of your classmates believe that she doesn’t speak at all, she’s a complete chatterbox in front of you. Her talks are never ending and fun too.

  2. You feel lucky to be the one she could really open up to. Shy people remain confined to themselves and do not befriend people easily. So, if you’re her friend, you’re really special!

  3. She’s one of the most adorable, loyal and dedicated friends you’ll ever come across. Be it 3 in the morning or 9 at night, she’s ever-ready to help you and makes her best efforts to be there when you need her.

  4. She can be one of the most humorous souls you’ll ever be with. While her appearance may seem really serious and she might always give that ‘no-nonsense’ look to others, she’ll make you laugh till your stomach aches, always!

  5. You are amazed by her creativity and vision. Deep down there, she’s an ocean of imagination which can really work wonders if brought out. She might not always share her ideas with the world, but when she does, there’s nobody like her.

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