The Saga of Coaching Classes

The transition from 10th to 11th requires every innocent student to suddenly turn into a decision maker and choose among science, commerce and humanities. While for the commerce and humanities students the decision ordeal ends here, the science students have a lot more to see.

One of biggest decisions, being a science student, would be choosing the best coaching institute. FIITJEE, Narayana, VMC, Brilliant are some names every student can swear by. April is the ‘life-changing decisions’ month. You need to consult practically a hundred people to make the correct choice, look out for their previous year results, consider the feasibility of their classes, match your school schedule accordingly and in this process you might end up encountering numerous uncles and aunts eager to enlighten you on the ‘career-path’. By the end of April, most of us find ourselves running immediately after our school gets over to attend our coaching classes and by the time we return, it’s already dark outside. Study time? Zero.

Welcome to the race of IIT-JEE. Your life for the next 2 years is going to be the same. The clichéd rule is to get up early, go to school, come back, pack your bag and leave for coaching, return at night and study or sleep, whatever you plan to do. These classes will be held at least thrice a week excluding 1 day which will be the ‘test’ day. Yes, you’ll be starting this with too much enthusiasm! Studying every day, trying to juggle between CBSE and your coaching, giving exams honestly every week, getting sad over the low scores or feeling elated over the higher ones, but trust me, all this does NOT matter. How do I know all this? Been there, done that.

I am not against the concept of coaching institutes, I mean, they are nice people, who wish to help you out in your entrance preparation and teach you shortcuts and tricks to crack those exams and take numerous tests so that you get used to the exam pattern. But actually, these nice people do not care whether you’ve understood a concept or not, who’d care for you among a population of 75 in class?

These nice people won’t care if you are attending the classes regularly, and won’t bother even if you suddenly stop attending. They won’t care to ask for the reason of your discontinuation; they have a lot of children already! They leave you with a little or no time for self-study, unless you’re a superhuman who can work without sleeping and study all night. But they are nice; they make you crack the entrances, don’t they?

Not everyone can cope up with their way and pace of teaching, so if you’re one of those facing a problem, do not worry. Look at your class and half of them might be feeling the same, just that nobody speaks up. You are your own mentor. Decide. If you find your coaching helpful, surely continue and study. But if you’re not, please don’t drag yourself to the place for 4 hours every day, try studying on your own. Self-study does produce successful engineers, and you might be one!