The Proxy God

God couldn’t be everywhere, so he made mothers.

Well, I guess God even knew that we couldn’t be everywhere, and so he made these little bundles of blessings and sent them to every class in the form of ‘proxy gods’.

Yes, while most of us are scared of marking proxy attendances for our friends because-
What if teacher finds out?
What if he calls your name for some work on seeing you being marked present?
What if he sacks me for doing this?
What if he reduces my internal marks for having done this?

There are these people whose life lies beyond all these fears.They know the fool-proof ways of not getting caught-
They can fake more than 3 different voices to say ‘present’ when the teacher calls out.

They can change their handwriting and pen in a minute to mark you present, and just in case the teacher finds out, can churn out the best instant excuses ever and get away easily!

The confidence reflecting on their faces while they lie is amazingly high, they are trustworthy, and are always-ready-to-help.

We really owe our day-outs, bunks with friends or partners, or success of any college-day plans without them having an effect on our attendance to them, don’t we?

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