The Padhaaku Guy

Glasses on his eyes, with one hand carrying a book and the other holding a pen, sitting on the first desk when the teacher teaches and on a corner one when nobody’s around, I catch a glimpse of that ‘padhaaku guy’.

Here are 5 signs you’ve found the real one in your class too!

  • While most of us believe that college is about fewer studies, he probably never thought about it and religiously attends every class and takes down notes.

  • While you come out of the exam hall mourning about how bad your exam has been, he seems visibly happy because no exam is difficult for him!

  • He’s the apple of professors’ eyes and his example is often given to you in the class.

  • While you are pulling all-nighters before the exams, he’d sleep away to glory because he has already studied everything.

  • He’s the one you turn up to for notes, files and project reports during the last hour, and he-a kind soul, really tries to help you out.

No matter how much you envy him, how badly you want to see his answer sheets to know what he really writes to score THIS well, he’s an indispensible part of the class.

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