The ‘I Don’t-Care’ Guy

Roaming around, day and out; surrounded by a large group of friends and cherishing life probably way too much, here’s how the ‘I don’t care’ guy of your class is:

  • Absolutely no amount of strict warnings or scolding is successful in making him worry more about studies and classes.

  • Being punctual is just not his way- he’d wake up late and be late everywhere and you’d often spot him entering late for classes, in case he decides to attend them :P.

  • He’ll make you laugh even during the lectures of most strict professors and still not get caught!

  • You’ll never see him biting his nails in anxiety, no matter what the situation is.

  • His life mantra of ‘jee bhar ke jee le pal’ fascinates you at times and you wish you could be that carefree too!

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