The First Month of College

The first month of college is like a ride, ups and downs that would confuse you a lot. But hang on to it, it is the start of a journey. The first month is complicated. Here are few things that we all commonly go through.

Feeling emotional is alright, it is natural
There is a lot of pressure in the beginning. We feel very conscious. We might get nervous about not being able to make friends, not completing assignments on time, not living life as we expected it to be. It is even more difficult for students who have moved in hostels from different cities, theirs is a new world. Emotional breakdown is natural. But if you feel that way, then talk to someone. You will eventually get through and start living your college life with fun and amusement.

Trying to find balance
College can be overwhelming in the beginning. We discover that we get busy really fast. Apart from studying, we might do extracurricular activities and enroll ourselves in many things. It is important to engage in different activities as the employers we have to face in the future would like to know what we did in life other than the marks we scored. But, everything can get messed up so it is important to balance your college work and other activities.

Studying is nothing to be ashamed of
Honestly, it is important to know that studying is essential. Have fun, go to parties but when it comes to studying, give it your best effort. It would be a matter of regret if we realise what we missed after reaching the last few parts of college. Although college life is often seen as an adventure and an exciting place, our main goal is to get quality education there. So do not put off studying. Completing assignments on time is one of the most satisfying feeling you would experience.

Not all professors are the same
For me as a student, my interest in a class is also defined by the professor who is taking the subject. A professor can either make a class good or completely boring. Even if you are passionate about a subject, the not so right professors can make it very boring. If you really want to study a particular subject, it would actually depend on you. College professors are not like the school teachers. Things change.

Be yourself
In the first month everyone is trying to put their best foot forward. But we eventually realise that not all friends we make in the beginning are bound to stay. You will get to know many people and gradually bond with the ones who would be with you for many years ahead.

My first month of the college was not so great, but it was also not a disappointment. We expect many things and not all of that shall happen. But the thrill of entering college, a new life and the thrill of meeting new people would be worth the experience wating for you. Do not get disheartened if you are not satisfied by what you are going through, try and work on it. It is just the beginning, you shall succeed and this would be one of the most exciting and memorable part of your life.

These were some things that come to my mind when I think about my first month in college. Feel free to share with us how was your first month in college.

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Soumya Mahajan

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