The English Goddess

Imagine yourself in the midst of writing a super important essay, but suddenly failing to find a great word which can easily fit in, and your work stops!
You’ve been asked to prepare a speech within an hour, to be presented in front of a room full of people, but you do not know the correct pronunciation of this word- right in the middle!

There are these ‘stuck-in-english’ moments all of us experience and wish we all had an English goddess friend who could guide us through. Here’s how to recognize one in your class:

• She always undertakes the task of correcting your grammar and spellings, anywhere!

• She’s a great debater and a mesmerizing public speaker. You just do not wish to miss any of her debates or speeches!

• She’s a mini dictionary on walk. She’ll know the exact meaning of those words you’ve been wondering about and will give you the exact words to write where you’re stuck in!

• Her confidence doesn’t let her give away, even when she’s totally clueless about a topic.

• When the English teacher asks you to guess who would’ve scored the highest, you simply know it has to be her.

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