The Bike Obsessed Guy

Zooming past you like light on his beloved, scaring you deep down or probably fascinating you sometimes, the bike obsessed guy of your class never fails to amaze you.

His love for speed never dies; neither does his true love for bikes.
His eyes glisten with awe when he spots a new, cool bike on road and might even forget what he was doing at that moment to simply adore it!

Here are 5 things you can totally relate to if you have a bike-obsessed friend.

  1. He treats bike like his girlfriend or probably way better. He has a name for it and hates it when his friends disrespect his bike, even if in good humor.

  2. He’s mostly busy getting it overhauled, serviced or probably even washing it on his own! Even if he has an exam the next day but the bike needs repair, he’ll be there for it-no matter what!

  3. His room is adorned with posters of bikes and he loves to sleep amongst them. They’re like his holy learning.

  4. Name a bike and he’ll tell you all about its specifications, no matter how clueless he is about life in general. He’ll instantly spot a new bike with his eagle-eyes and highlight its great features and go all awestruck!

  5. He’s the one you’ll turn up to when you need to buy a new bike. He’ll list down the costs, their features keeping in mind your needs and make sure you buy the best one! He’ll be the first one after you to ride it too!

How to spot one? Stalk his Instagram account or Facebook, and you’ll find his never ending pictures with bikes with emotional, heart-warming captions all around!

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