The Always Selfie-Ready Girl

“College canteen selfie: check.

Selfie with bestie and not-so-bestie: check.

Selfie with that hot guy in the party: check.

Family selfie: check.”
This is how the life of a selfie-obsessed girl goes about.
With the selfie trend already driving you crazy every day, she acts as a catalyst and makes sure you have one with every damn thing around you!

Here are 5 things you can relate to if you have a selfie-crazy friend:

  1. She makes sure you get a group selfie clicked every time you go out or even in college! ‘Smile please’.

  2. She knows the best poses and pouts and how to make every selfie look different from the one you just took a minute ago.

  3. Her phone is where you can find everything ranging from Candycam to Retrica, Photobooth and numerous other picture-editing and collage making apps.

  4. You’re sometimes tired of liking her never-ending stock of selfies on Instagram and Facebook.

  5. She has a selfie with every possible person in the class and has a picture to upload on everyone’s birthday too!

No matter how away you were from the selfie and photography world before, she’s going to get you in and you’ll fall in love with it too. After all, even you won’t mind having a great Facebook dp, will you?

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