That Time of the Year, Again!

The day of the exam is not that bad, it is the time of preparation that takes a toll on all of us. By this time there would be two types of students;

The ones who have started studying and would be through with their syllabus before the exams.

The ones who wouldn't have started studying yet. The last minute rockers.

However, not everyone can handle the last minute pressure. Here are few tips that might help you get organised in these days of woe.

Give yourself enough time to study

As said before, not everyone can handle the last minute studies.

Be organised

Get everything you need to study ready so that you wouldn't have to get up in between and thus fewer distractions.

Teach or narrate to others

This is a very good method of memorising stuff especially when you are not good at cramming. Read about a topic and explain your answers to your siblings or parents. (Don't care if they are listening). This way you would understand better and it would be easy to memorise too.

Take regular breaks

Develop a study routine that is comfortable. Do not study for hours at one stretch. It would only lead to an overflow in the head. Taking small breaks is important.

Drink water and eat healthy

Eating nutritious and drinking enough water would benefit you. It will keep you active and you would be able to concentrate better.

Practice previous years' examination questions

This would help you get familiar with the format and help you calculate and work on your speed.

All The Best!

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Soumya Mahajan

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