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College life is about fun, new experiences, adventure, hangouts but also studying to succeed. Its important to devote some time to your studies and quite difficult to do so as there are websites like Facebook, twitter,etc taking a toll on our concentration.

Good study habits are crucial even if you are a first year student or someone in between thinking about a productivity boost. Here are few tips that might help you out:

Good notes for better understanding

Making better notes would help you understand them better when you read them later on and that would in turn lead to a clearer concept in your mind. It is advisable that you jot down the important points. Now, for people like me who have never achieved the glorious feat of making notes we have to try different strategies and remain more concentrated. Asking friends to help, talking to professors about it would be useful. You can also record lectures and verify it with your notes later but be sure to ask for the professors' permission to record the lecture.

Stay Organised

Keep a calendar and remember all the important dates. Organise your class material; use sticky notes, flash cards for effective studying. It is preferable to make a time table and stick to it.

Don't Cram

It is very tempting to leave off studying for the last minute but that might just get you through with your paper and won't help in the long run.
Try studying a little bit everyday and understanding the concepts so that you might not forget it when actually needed.

Don't Over study

pff! How can one over study? It is impossible! But it is not. Many students don't realise that they have reached a point of saturation and try to make the most of it even then. But this is just plain harmful. Set a limit on how much you have to study in a particular day so that your mind is not tired and retains all that you learned. It is essential to take your time off studying. Set limits for the studying time too.

Find Your Study Zone

Everyone has an environment in which they are able to study better. for some it is a quiet room, others study while listening to music and few like the hustle bustle of a coffee shop. Experiment and choose the method that is the most effective study zone for you.

Take A Break

Yes you have earned it. Earlier I mentioned how one should not over study; but it is also essential that you take study breaks for 10 minutes or so between two study sessions and a day or two per week away from studying. This will keep you in a good mental health and keep you refreshed.

College life can be a little overwhelming, we don't want to spend our time there with a tired mind and body.

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Soumya Mahajan

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