Staying Fit in College

I have heard people say that staying fit in college is difficult.This is just a myth. If we plan our routine carefully we are sure to have good results and stay fit in these college years. Its all about keeping healthy habits. Few things to keep in mind are:


Studying is necessary, but so is maintaining health.

•Go to the gym. It would be a little intimidating in the beginning. Join in with your friends. You would keep each other motivated.

•Try a dance class or any fitness class that you might enjoy.

•Take a walk outside in study breaks.

•Go to a local park or the like for a run instead of doing a treadmill.


Yes, you would be binge eating; going out for a quick bite, restaurants, bars; everywhere where there is good food.

•Keep your diet balanced. Eat nutritious atleast when at home.

•Keep a check on your outings.

•Detox once in a week.

•Keep fruits in your bag. Eat fruits for your snack break.


Plan your day. Keep variety in your routine so that monotonous days would not drain you out.

•Set an alarm. Sleep at a reasonable hour and wake up early. Studying is important but so is having a good sleep.

•Work regularly but with breaks. Do not sit for longer periods. Go for a walk in breaks. Do small stretching exercises.

•Don’t take stress. Meditate regularly.

•Treat yourself once in a while. Work and play, all shall go hand in hand.

Academics, social activities and moments worth cherishing are a key to happiness during the college. It would be a short period of time before you get busy with your jobs and your life as an adult. But all this might keep you busy and disrupt your routine. It is important to stay fit and the best time is in college as just a few years later you might not have time for yourself.

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Soumya Mahajan

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