Phone is more than a 'phone'

Whenever we move from one of our familiar places to an unfamiliar place, we find many new things which shock and surprise us. Similar is the transition from school to college. You will find many changes- no uniform, new found freedom, to name a few. One change that most of us would not have anticipated is how much 'virtual' the world of college is.

You will observe it for the first time when you would go to jot down the timetable. You will find a senior or an already-enlightened 1st-year taking a picture on his phone. Then would you realize how easy your college life will become if this handy device is used!

After this every time you see something useful, you will take out your phones. You would copy assignments from your phone, have a complete lab manual saved in it, and on your most lazy days, take pictures of the blackboard/whiteboard. You may also find yourself peeping into your phone screens before exams because there is where all the study material is. Who purchases books when your friend has, and is generous enough to let you take pictures? Your college may play a swagger by releasing an important notification without any notice because it knows the virtual world is analogous to a wildfire.

This has many advantages:

  1. You save time and resources.

  2. You create far less waste. 'Delete' button is the 'Shiva' of this new virtual world.

  3. You save space in your study table( habitually called so; bed is where study happens!)

  4. You can exchange important assignments, notifications and notes virtually at any time of the day.

On the downside:

  1. Your phone is a treasure, keep it with you always. Don't lose it.

  2. So many pictures at one place would distract and waste your time. Always segregate the pictures into folders, easy to find whenever needed.

  3. Don't send notes/assignments without numbering them, it annoys the receiver to no end. You will receive more curses than 'thanks'!

  4. We also need to realize that so much of dependence on a machine isn't the best quality to have. A little dependence on yourself will help you in the long run.

College is a time when you share things and get many things in return. Use this novel device to spread/gain knowledge, love and phone numbers( A very good trick to get the number of your crush!).

PS: Few schools have gone virtual, uploading syllabus and notifications online. But the percentage is very less even now. Many find this shift to virtual world a cultural shock.

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These four years of my college life have saturated me with experiences. Writing is the only way I could try to desaturate myself. And, that would take my lifetime!

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