On the Importance of College

Not everyone would feel this at the time of starting their college. But once we graduate and are about to leave, the memories rush through our mind. We miss it not only because we spent quite a lot time there but also because we gained a lot of knowledge and have innumerable experiences to recount.

The first thing that we all experience is the feeling of total independence. The students who live as paying guests, in hostels or in rented apartments would feel independent in a different way than those who commute daily from their home. The things we learn while travelling are fun. We meet new people, observe them and enjoy their strange or creepy behaviour (in some cases). We become completely responsible of our decisions and schedules. Managing things on our own is important and we learn this is college.

Second thing is the opportunities we get. College is a bigger institution than school. College broadens our horizons. It lets us meet new people, different from us, people from other cultures and areas. This gives us an insight into the world different from ours. The different events we attend in college teach us many things too.

College can let us make astounding friends. It might be difficult to make friends in the beginning but gradually you do. Once you have acquainted yourself with someone, you would feel very happy. There are a lot of like-minded people out there. Many friendships that start in college go a long way in life.

Therefore college is not just about a degree or the time that you spend there, but also about the valuable lessons you learn and the invaluable friends that you make.

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Soumya Mahajan

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