Lessons from a 'Professional Bunker'

Disclaimer: I support bunking lectures. I also bunk. I encourage others too. And my mom hates me for that. But, I am responsible. I have 80+ aggregate(without cheating; I swear!!!) and have a good impression on teachers too. For those who will think of trashing me after reading this article, let me tell, this is for entertainment purpose only! Students be serious (please!!:P) , don't take it literally.

For a just-out-of-school kid, the most-awaited freedom is the freedom to choose what classes to attend. But when he uses this freedom it is seen as a derogatory act. According to many, skipping classes by using this freedom is 'Bunking'. I have never seen a more irresponsible definition before.

'Bunking' is the superhuman act of foregoing one precious attendance, getting out of the class with a super-spy vision, and escaping the keen eyesight of professors to spend one hour of our day the way we want. A 'Mass Bunk' is an ultra superhuman act that further needs us to persuade a complete class of 50 plus students. 'Bunking' is a decision by a person who is expected to take decisions in life. But, his decision is always defamed.

A 'Professional Bunker' knows many tricks which seem extremely easy but need a specialized attitude to carry out. He would stand beside the water cooler filling a one Litre bottle for 10 minutes. He would hide in the washroom and note the movements outside like a trained army personnel. He knows how to stand strategically in the class so as to exit the class without the teacher noticing him. He wouldn't mind begging for attendance. Proxy is his invisible saviour.

But he is a responsible person too. He would attend those classes that would benefit him. He would miss only that classes that would add to his boredom. He is calculative too. He would never miss labs that would give him both- fun time and attendance. At times, he would feel the attendance sinking too low, and would come late to class to compensate. He would plot the leniency of various teachers on a graph and would take reference from it, time to time for this purpose.

A professional 'Bunker' has many life lessons to give:

  1. Observe people and surroundings: Teachers and their personality types. Students who would spoil a mass bunk. Everything must be observed and internalized to escape a grievous lecture.
  2. Always attend the first class of each subject: This is when you would know whether this class is worth attending in future. You will also get to observe the teacher. And yes, get to draw some doodles. Memories people!!
  3. Leave behind ego: Beg, absolutely, beg for attendance if you want. Be shameless. Your future boss would love you for this.
  4. Persuasion skills reign: A pro-bunker can persuade a class of 50 in 2 minutes. He knows where to hit to get the results.

Be a responsible 'Bunker'. Know that you are in a college to study. And, to have fun too. Miss only those lectures, missing which would make no difference.

And the haters (:p), please respect a 'Bunker'. He achieves so much under so many sources of stress- 75 percent attendance, messages to parents from college authorities, assignments, fear of being sent back to the class, and many more.

Thank You!!
From a girl who has learnt the art of 'Bunking'.

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