Just In Case (Few non course specific internships)

Internships are a good way to get experience, learn and improve your skills. They are an answer to our money problems too. With many sites such as Internshala, Twenty19, letsintern, hellointern, etc it has become easy to find a convenient internship with a stipend.

It makes us nervous to get into something like this but a little bit of confidence and courage would let you explore your own potential. It will introduce you to the nuances of the field you choose.

Here are few fields you can think of doing an internship in, and these are not course specific. However, one should have the required skills. Your hobbies can get you some real projects and let you earn.

Content Writing

If you have a flair in writing and enjoy it, this one is for you. This is one of the most convenient internships that you could look into. This has flexible working hours (in most of the cases), a not so engaging work and a wonderful experience.
It has categories like Creative writing, blogging and editorial.

Graphic Designing

This is another creative field that would make an interesting project to work on. Also not course specific it just needs the candidate to have the required skills.


Good at photography and an urge to capture everything around you? This one is for you. If you have enough knowledge on photography you can invest your skills in a project with a photography team and learn new stuff too.


Having good communication skills, zeal for adventure and a creative mind? Well, journalism is for you. Media is one of the fastest developing fields around us and if you have the slightest interest in it, do not hesitate and take up an opportunity to work for a project in a media related firm.

Event Management

Looking for something different; having an urge to manage things and make the most out of them? Event management is a good option for you. Look for a convenient project and get started.

Few other fields to try are-
Fashion Designing
Public Relations
Travel and Tourism (If you can take out few days a month and travel freely). There are some purely research based projects also which do not require you to travel and some city specific projects about the city you reside in.

There are many categories you can choose from and any site giving you information about internships would give you numerous choices.The era of online internships makes it easy to get an experience and lets you earn. You can start an internship concerning your field of interest and explore your potential. You will come across many fun-to-do internships. Your hobbies and interest might lead to a career of your dreams one day!

However, choose the internship carefully as there are other things to be taken care of too at this point of time.

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