Internships: An end to your pocket money worries!

Ever wondered if earning during a hectic college schedule is possible?
Always been of the thought that earning was only meant for the office-goers?
Always thought that your hobby could only give you pleasure and not money?

Well, it’s time to think again.

With the college students being no longer only the typical bookworms studying all day long and being inactive in societies and work, here’s redefining it.

With numerous online internship websites like internshala, twenty19, letsintern, hellointern and numerous others, finding a cool internship with a stipend has never been easier.

A simple interface, drop down menus asking for your preferences, dedicated tabs for summer and winter internships, they offer everything on the platter, ready to be surfed.
All you need to do is click on the ‘Application’, fill the form and you are all set.

Your hobbies are no longer only a source of pleasure, you can actually work on real-time projects and earn. You learn the technical nuances of your field, gain experience and add to your CV. Yeah, companies look for people with an experience.
While regular college doesn’t allow you to work full-time and gain experience, these internships would!

Here are some of the really cool fields you can work in and associate yourself with, without burning your full day:

  • If you’ve always been the ‘creative’ one and have often been consulted by your friends for your choice of color combinations or designing posters, graphic designing is for you.

  • Always had those writing instincts, write essays for the whole lot of class and always been appreciated for your writing skills, then content writing is what you’ve got to look for.

  • Been a hardcore coding freak and love learning new coding languages, programming is your take.

  • Crazy about apps and always full of new ideas to make android smoother and tasks easier to perform, then app development is surely the right thing for you.

  • Fascinated by cameras and love to click everything which comes your way? Join a photography team, learn and earn while you learn.

  • Good at making circuits, designing printed circuit boards and in awe of Arduino, then hardware designing is your field!

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are many more and once you start surfing, you’ll come across the most unconventional but fun-to-work-for internships.

Putting an end to all your pocket-money worries, the era of online internships is here. Work, earn and spend, live your life on your own terms, while upgrading your skills and learning something new every day.
Who knows, your hobby might become your career one day!

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