How to be Successful in College

Admission into a college doesn’t guarantee success in your college life. It is good to be successful in a college class academically and socially.

1) Attend classes
Though bunking may sound cool and be fun, it is important to maintain a good attendance too. Attend classes of all the professors and eventually you would be able to categorize them into important lectures and can-do-it-better-on-our-own lectures. Attend the important lectures so that you grasp the maximum knowledge and it is your choice to avoid few classes of the not so important lectures which you could study at home at your own pace. But don’t miss out on the attendance.

2) Get involved in class
When we talk about attending a class, we don’t mean just showing up for it, but also participating in the class. Ask doubts freely, express your opinions and also counter attack an opposing view with confidence. This helps you widen your perspective.

3) Study effectively

You have to work smart along with working hard.

-Reading the thing to be taught prior to the class will help you understand it better while the lecture is going on.

-Analyze; question what you are reading and test yourself on it.

-Make effective notes and review them frequently.

-Re-read the chapter after class and try to understand everything you have been taught.

-Don’t get distracted.

-Divide time for different subjects.

4) Make use of college resources

Don’t just attend the classes; visit the college library, computer centers and make study groups. This would improve your efficiency.

5) Set realistic and reasonable goals

We often get disappointed by our own expectations. It is important to set realistic goals. Try to set achievable and measureable goals each semester. This is will keep you motivated, acting as a record of the progress you’ve made as well as helping you push yourself to continue setting and achieving goals. Don’t overwhelm yourself with long-term goals, but do plan ahead and think about how you see yourself in the future both personally and professionally.

6) Be consistent

Don’t procrastinate assignments and other work to the deadline. Last minute completion might be enough to submit tests and assignments on time but it is a short term effect. You might forget all the points soon. Studying in lesser volume and frequently would lessen the burden and keep you calm and relaxed even before the exam.

7) Stay connected

Don’t miss out on your social life. Hangout with friends, attend college or other events. Join clubs or societies.

8) Join a class outside college

It can be anything; a language class, guitar class, dance, music, anything that you would like. This would help you explore your passions and take your mind off college for a while. It will widen your imagination and act as a pacifier at the same time.

The preparation starts from college and one should try to do his/her best while they can.

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Soumya Mahajan

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