Have you decided your career path?

And they are here again- after the end of ‘THE BOARD EXAMS’, it’s time for the entrances.

While most of us have already decided our career path by the time we sit for an entrance, some of us don’t. No need to panic, you aren’t alone! There are people who fill entrances for engineering, law, journalism, BBA etc, all at the same time.

To the ones who cannot figure out what to do and have applied everywhere, first of all, please chill. It is perfectly alright to be confused, because you are just fresh out of school and really aren’t THAT big. As you come across a new course name every day, suggested by your relatives, acquaintances, neighbors and scores of others-some genuinely interested, and some casually, you might end up having tidbits of information about everything.

A note to everybody out there: Do not follow any advises blindly!

Since our school curriculum is totally book-based and hardly leaves us with time to explore how working in real world feels like, we mostly aren’t aware of the actual scenario out there in the colleges. Many of us tend to give in to peer or parental pressure because according to people the conventional courses are the most coveted ones. Do not go with the flow. Do not follow what your friends do, they might have different interests.

By the time you’ve read all this, you must be thinking as to how we really zero down to the course which we want to pursue?

Here’s the solution:

  • Start your own research.

  • With internet in your phones, laptops, tablets and every other device, start searching!

  • Look out for courses, their descriptions, the colleges which provide them, the cutoff marks, the entrances that need to be applied for and future prospects in the field.

  • Shortlist a few colleges so that you have your efforts streamlined and goal decided.

  • Most importantly, go to their websites and look out for the actual course syllabus, topics you’ll be taught, and workshops, labs or practicals etc.

Make sure you keep all these in mind while choosing your career path. All the best for your future endeavors!

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