Going Offbeat

Engineering, MBBS, law, architecture, B.Sc, BDS, B.Com Hons., Eco Hons., and a few other conventional courses- here’s where the knowledge regarding respectable degrees comes to an end for every Indian parent. Anything beyond this is considered as an adventure and you are labeled as a ‘risk taker’ who probably won’t end up with a good job and would fail to live a settled life like others. “You might even find it difficult to make sufficient money for your online shopping fever or raise a family if you take this up”, are the most frightening words parents decide to use to discourage their child from choosing any off-the-path career field.

So if you’re somebody who’s never loved the idea of “mera beta engineer banega”, have hated Sharma Ji’s son since the very beginning, and was totally fascinated by Ranbir Kapoor’s song ‘Ilaahi’ from the movie ‘Ye Jawaani Hai Deewani’, here are 5 offbeat careers you’ll love considering!

1. Travel Writing: If you’ve always had a knack for writing and loved travelling too, and would always write about your travel experiences in a diary after coming back from a trip, here’s a really great career option for you. Travel writing allows you to explore places, learn about distinct cultures, people, their habits, their mindset, and enter an all new world of a new place and find yourself in it.

2. Wildlife Photography: Perfect for nature, animal and camera lovers, this field can take you from the tropical rainforests to deciduous, from marshy river lands to deserts, from arid climate regions to snow-clad mountains, everywhere you’ve always dreamt of going and clicking. Offering the wildest of adventures at every step, this satiates your wild instinct and lets you be a wanderer.

3. Environmentalism: With environmental issues plaguing the world with immense speed, rivers drying up, floods destroying the desert areas, global warming taking a toll on our health, widespread depletion of the ozone layer, we really need more environment saviors at work. For those who’ve always loved chemistry and environmental sciences, taking this up is a boon for the mankind as well as themselves.

4. Interior Designing: Always loved designing but hated physics and maths and do not wish to take up architecture? Well, this is something which is going to keep you glued while letting you earn well. Designing the aesthetics of a house, making most of the available space without letting it seem overdone, transforming an ordinary room into a treat for eyes, and getting loads of affection by the house owners in return, sounds amazing, does it not?

5. Jewellery Designing: If you’ve been a great jewellery mixer-matcher and considered plain designs too boring and monotonous and would customize your own earrings if needed, this is definitely the place for you! Scribble your ideas, make your designs and revolutionize the way people accessorize.

These fields might not pay you as high in the beginning as the conventional ones do, but they sure take you away from the boring 9-5 office life, letting you pursue your passion and living a life which is much more satisfactory than any other.
Follow your heart- love what you do, do what you love.

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