First Day at College

Fresh out of school, heads held high, dreams in eyes but trembling feet and nervousness in mind, that’s how we enter into a college.

Already marred by standing in lines in scores of colleges for admissions, getting documents photocopied a hundred times, filling up forms, giving interviews and entrance exams, when we finally enter into our college as a student, it is altogether a different feeling.

Having heard a lot about the ‘college-life’ from our elder friends or relatives, we feel both excited and nervous at the same time. Leaving our school, the real comfort zone of our lives and entering an all new world isn’t an easy task and most of us start thinking hard and imagining scenarios the very first day of securing admission. The series of imaginations, however, come to an end on the first day of our college.

It ISN’T a big deal as it is made out to be. Being at a new place, among new people and seeing 100% new faces makes us freak out a little, but don’t worry, don’t the best things have a bumpy start?

You might not end up finding your ‘the-college-bestie’ on very first day itself, but you will, eventually.

You’ll meet a lot of new people, come to know about them, their goals, their journeys and how they ended up being here.

You’ll meet new teachers-called lecturers in college and hear about your course from them. You’ll be approached by seniors for a friendly interaction and you’ll be informed about the existing societies and their work and how to enter into them. You’ll find new places to eat and hang-out, new spots to bunk classes and new bunk partners.

Don’t be afraid, don’t be nervous. No matter how your first day turns out to be- good, bad, not-so-good, exciting or just normal, rest of the college life will turn out to be awesome! Everything eventually falls into place and you find people like you and you make a great group.

So, relax and let things move the way they are. Calm down and stop speculating. IT IS THE BEGINNING OF SOMETHING WONDERFUL..

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