Finding Yourself In the Crowd

College can call for a real-time personality overhaul or a personal level check to the kind of person you have been all your life. An entry to this all new world, ready to throw surprises at you everyday might not really please you all the time, since change is what everybody wishes to oppose.

Life won’t be a cakewalk anymore, well but that doesn’t mean it’ll be difficult to cope up with. However, meeting new people and adjusting with them, shifting to hostels and living with new roommates can be hectic, with everything happening at the same time. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to take up, plethora of options to explore before you realize your final calling.

However, amidst this new life, there’s one thing you shouldn’t leave behind- YOURSELF.

No matter what kind of people you meet, do NOT try to fit in by totally transforming yourself into somebody you are not. You can please people by faking your habits, but you can never please yourself that way. Understand that what you’ve been all this while was never wrong, and never fail to trust your instincts.

Do not try to be a part of a group if they aren’t like you, or don’t try to change yourself for them- only you can play your role in the best way, keep this in mind. You’ve been loved by people for being yourself all this while, you’ll be loved in future too.

Most importantly, love yourself and learn to enjoy your own company.
The very first day of college won’t make you meet your college gang, your besties and people who are going to stick to you all through these years; it’ll take time. Making friends will take time, knowing people will take time, trusting them will take time, and all through this, the only person you have with yourself is ‘you’.

Armed with self-love and confidence, welcome to this new world fresher. Spot yourself in the crowd before others and you’ll never be lost!

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