Few Valuable Lessons We Learn In College

Everyone has a different image of what college is or what it might be; the experience is something new for everybody. Lectures different from school, parties, club activities, travelling and exploring are a few images that come to our mind. Doing all this is fun and essential too, or else you might end up in a monotonous routine. However, there are few valuable lessons that we learn as recent graduates or when in college.

College is a time for making us learn and evolve as who we are as a person. Here are few lessons I learnt from college life and these might help you too.

Not knowing everything

You might already be aware that everything would be new to you and there would be a lot to learn. New college, new campus, new people, new subjects, you might not know your campus completely, you might not be sure of the major you would opt for. But it is alright. You would eventually figure out many things.

Learning goes on forever

Remember some people giving you advice on how there would be less learning in college than high school? Do not believe them. High school learning was different; college would be a start of something new. But you would have to study hard here too. Learning not only in terms of academics, college gives us an outlet into real life situations that we would have to face ourselves; it makes us better at handling people, relations and situations.

Not to worry about other’s opinion of you

When you are in college, it is possible that you have exposure to all kinds of people you might have not met earlier. Caring about what people say about you will get you nowhere. There would be a lot of judging eyes but you have to get past them and establish yourselves as a better person, not thinking of how to please others.

You can’t have everything

It is alright, you don’t need everything. For instance, if you live in a hostel or as a paying guest you won’t get the food you want and would have to take your own responsibilities; however, living at home won’t change many things, don’t expect the change of rules just on the account that you are slightly older and a college student. This is an important life lesson too. You would learn to make choices and set priorities. Also you would learn what is important to you.

Things won’t always work out the way you hope they would

We would want a little bit more money, time or something else. We make plans that might not work out as expected; subject choices would change frequently in the beginning; people would go away. It happens with almost everyone. But that feeling is not permanent. You would always discover something else to look upto.

People would change, and so would you

The new environment affects everyone. Many things like your dressing style, values, attraction and ideas might get influenced. No one would be there to remind you about better or worse, you have to mould yourself into the person you want to be.

Trying to figure out what you want to do ahead isn’t so easy

We need to be creative, dreamy, imaginative and not limit ourselves. Desires change and evolve with time. There would always be pressure to pick one thing in college, but you should study what you like, although you should keep in mind its prospects. Use all your potential and sources to get better and successful in the field you want to. There might be a time when you feel lost; then do research, talk to parents, teachers and counsellors.

Always have a back-up plan

A backup plan is important. From copies of assignments, studying, uptil graduation, have an alternate plan too along with what you had thought of earlier. Many times, due to some reason the plan does not work out as we wanted; assignments shall be saved up elsewhere; studying method and time should not be monotonous; what to do after graduation might look blurry. Despite having a degree you would want and might need additional experiences for better job prospects. Having a backup plan saves your time and energy and doesn’t let you get stressed.

These are few lessons to keep in mind. Keep a sharp eye out there and enjoy.

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Soumya Mahajan

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