Exams: The 'after-affects'

So finally the most worried-about exam just got over and you feel pretty relaxed. Months of preparation, numerous notes-making sessions, uncountable revisions, all-nighters, consulting a large number of books for 1 subject- constitute the ‘exam-preparation starter pack’.
What follows once the exam gets over is either of these 2 feelings:

  • You discuss the question paper with your friends after the exam gets over and find out that most of the answers written by you are correct and you feel elated.

  • On discussing the paper, you realize that you have answered many questions incorrectly and the exam wasn’t as good as it was expected to be. For a while you feel like your world going down and feel pretty disappointed as your hard work didn’t pay off.

The second situation is the one that happens with most of us and leaves us disturbed. While we had been there all this while believing that our exam went well, when in reality, it did not.

The thought of possibly having lost a lot of marks on silly mistakes, conceptual errors, calculation mistakes shatter our thought process for a while. We blame ourselves for not having studied enough, not reading the question paper carefully, not completing the exam on time, not having revised well and so on. While it’s great to realize your mistake and learn a lesson so that you don’t repeat it again, it’s not at all a good idea to fix that thought in your mind for one full day, blaming yourself for the next 24 hours or more for this and thus being unable to study well for the upcoming exam.

What you really need to know:

  • Past cannot be changed and this goes for the previous exam too. Your constant worrying will NOT change whatever you’ve already written, so please do not worry.

  • The fate of next exam is in your hands. The more you practice and revise, the better it would be.

Sticking on to the ‘oh-so-bad last exam’ isn’t going to help you, whereas reading the new subject with a calm mind and without worrying, will, for sure.

Remember that this isn’t the last exam of your life and although at the point, one exam gone awry might seem like a mountain of sadness, it really isn’t . Take it as a lesson and move on.