Entering An All-Girls’ World

Always been amongst the most popular in your school?
Always have had an all guys group and you seemed to really love it?
Always had a notion that it’s all about less drama and more fun with guys?

If you’ve always studied in a co-ed, the very thought of shifting to an all-girls’ place can be disturbing! You might be spending half of your days worrying about how it’d be with all the girls in your class and no guys at all.

Well, take a deep breath and read on, because an all-girls’ place isn’t bad at all!

1. All-girls doesn’t always mean being girly!: Of course you’ll find some typical girls with those pinkie choices, but it’ll be only a few of them; yes, as few as there would’ve been in a co-ed. Majority of crowd would comprise of chill girls referring to each other as ‘bhai’ and having fun all day long.

2. It won’t be a fashion parade as you imagine it to be: The first thing which comes to our mind is that the campus would look like a fashion parade and every girl would spend numerous hours in getting ready before coming to the college in the morning. The truth? Nobody wakes up even half an hour before the class, leave alone finding time to work on their appearance. You’ll find girls dressed in a casual pair of jeans and a t-shirt and even pyjamas( well that’s how I go to my college).

3. Girls have fun and don’t really spend their days bitching about each other: You’ll have the best day and night-outs with your girl gang and forget what bitching really meant. They live like a family, helping each other out, having fun and being happy with each other. Of course, talks about guys and gossips are a part of the daily conversation, but they simply add to the fun and would be harmless.

4. You’ll find the biggest foodies here: Yes, there are people for whom dieting isn’t a word and they swear by food, anytime, anywhere. They’ll find the best eating-out places, take you there and make you taste each and every new dish they come across. Unlike your thoughts, none of them would really know much about cooking, just like you don’t, and they’ll be least concerned about weight-gain issues.

5. You’ll have the biggest stock of beautiful pictures as well as weird selfies: Yes, you shall have uncountable selfies, relating to every event and outing and loads of beautiful pictures to be used as profile pictures. Girls love clicking pictures!
Journey in all-girls’ is an amazing experience and you’ll find the most trustworthy, loyal and fun-loving friends all along. So embrace this life with a smile, you’re surely going to love it!

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