E-Learning: The New Era of Education

Staring at the book, I didn’t understand a word. I had an exam the next day, and obviously I was supposed to pass. 11pm, probably too late to realize that I should’ve started earlier. I could study all night and score well, I had done it always, but I had understood things back then. I couldn’t now!

It was a panic situation for me, till I called up my friend to ask if she understood everything from the book, and too my relief she said no. ‘There’s a channel on YouTube, they’ve explained it really well, do it from there’, ah! There came her comforting words!

Welcome to the world of e-learning.

When YouTube explains you better than your textbooks, NPTEL is what every engineering student can swear by, project videos are what we ultimately resort too, and they’re life savers too, we have come a long way from the conventional learning times. (By the way, I passed that exam the next day with really good marks, beyond my expectations!)

Whether you’re a student in the remote parts of the city, or someone who wishes to learn a totally unconventional course but parents won’t allow, here’s breaking all the stereotypes and letting you learn in the comfort of your homes.

With every exam now having its own set of sample papers online, and numerous websites offering courses to crack them, there are no geographical and cultural boundaries to learning.
All you need is a bit of determination and you can get going.

These courses won’t even burn a hole in your pocket and are time-friendly too! You can do them whenever you want, all you need is a system and an internet connection. You even get all the tips to crack an exam, and if you’re a non-classroom coaching kind of a person, this is surely for you.

Coursera, YouTube, edX, codecademy are a few websites which let you learn and pursue certified courses, even from the renowned foreign universities and work a little and bam, you have an MIT certificate in your CV, imagine how wonderful that would be!

With more and more students opting for these courses daily, you get to interact and ask questions from a wide pool of brains and enhance your knowledge, so why not?

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