Common Hobbies Useful In College

Every student acquires a special hobby during college. Apart from passing time, they can help you to be more productive.


One of the most popular passtimes, it is one of the most effortless too. You can read while travelling or simply when doing nothing. It is one way to open up and enhance your creative side.


This is one the most beneficial hobbies one could have. There would be times where you have to cook, so why not be prepared. Also, with so many cooking channels and numerous recipes you would be fascinated by your own skills once you give a start to cooking.

Learning a language

It will be fun, something new and also would give you an edge over many. It will also open up many job prospects.


Writing for yourself, or putting up a blog is another way to let out your creative side. This could be an outlet for your thoughts.


No wonder this would be on the list. Staying healthy is one the keys to a better life. Also a healthy mind and body lead to better productivity.

Just have fun while doing it. If your hobby becomes stress inducing then it is not right for you. Explore and experiment. It is something that shall help to keep you calm.

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Soumya Mahajan

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