College Life: Expectations vs. Reality

Serials and movies, no matter how much we know that they aren’t true, do influence our college imagination a little, if not much. Frilly dresses, ‘chale jaise hawaein sanan sanan’ kind of welcomes shown in ‘Main Hoon Na’, no studies or classes, chill teachers, all this doesn’t always happen in college- and if it does sometimes, you’re lucky!

We introduce here to the ‘not-so-dreamy’ reality of college, but wait, it isn’t something to be scared of- read and you shall know!

1. You HAVE to study:

No matter how non-serious you’ve been throughout your semester, exams would call for some real, focused studies else you might not pass! Contrary to the life in movies where they spend their grad years in way too much fun, you’ll need to toil a bit and realize in the end that all this hard-work was actually worth it.

2. College won’t really ensure you of a great fan following:

Whether you’re an extremely pretty girl, or a boy who’s always been the apple of every girl’s eye, you won’t really have people swooning over your looks or going ‘oh-my-god’. Of course you’ll be appreciated and considered genuinely cute and gifted but not as much as you might’ve imagined it to be.

3. Coming late to the class everyday might call for Professor’s wrath and not sympathy:

While it’s okay to be late once in a while for genuine reasons, being late everyday and explaining it to the profs might not at all go well with them and they might even go all-crazily angry about it sometimes or even fuss about giving an attendance for that lecture. So, if you’ve got a strict prof’s class, make sure you be there on time!

4. You’ll have your own kind of fun in parties and that might not always mean booze:

Parties do not always mean booze and a bunch of fancy things, no. Sometimes, they just mean a bunch of crazy friends, loud music and dancing your heart out all night in your night clothes till you really drop down tired and know nothing henceforth.

5. You might not always end up finding your life partner in college:

‘Their eyes met during a class, they sat together for a few days, talked and fell in love with lots of bollywood and romantic music in the background and the atmosphere all-mushy- all this doesn’t happen with everyone! Yes, while some of you might actually end up finding your life partners or more realistically, your boyfriend/girlfriend, not all might be that lucky this time and it’s quite alright. That crush of yours ignoring you? Chill, life doesn’t end here and college is about a lot more! Go, make friends, go out on road trips, have 2 am maggi hogging sessions, play group games because this time is never going to come back, life partner or no life partner!

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