Choosing Course Over College

Choosing a course you would like to do over a college might be one of the best decisions you ever made.

It is difficult parting from a mainstream and treading down a different path. But as you get ahead with it,you will enjoy the freedom. Many of us have applied for numerous courses of which only one or two would be something we know we would be really good at.

We all have seen people talk about the best colleges present in a state or a country and their value, we have also seen many choose any course just to get into the college. However, preferring a course would be a decision that would make you enjoy your academic life too.

Even if you are changing streams for a different course, don’t panic. The first year of college might seem hard and unsteady to everyone. But as it progresses we get used to it and slowly progress with it too.

Doing something that one is actually interested in is what is important. You might find it hard to grasp the concepts at first, but they will come to you as you learn more.
If you have a goal in mind, know that there is a particular course of your interest. Preferring the course
of your choice over the college will ensure that you enjoy what you will be studying.

A good college cannot alone shape your career. However, a good college with the course of your choice is what serves the purpose. It is all a matter of finding where your passion lies and then pursuing it with a good effort.

If you pursue the course of your choice, a number of avenues await you. Getting into a top college just to get a degree that is out of sync with your career goals does not serve the purpose.

  • While considering your admission into a course and college try to find out where your interests lie.
  • And would that interest be suitable to be made into a career and pursued as a mainstream degree.
  • Make a list of courses which would actually interest you and something you are passionate about. Find the best colleges for those courses.

Another aspect of getting into an institute of higher education especially if outside your own town should be to check the amount of exposure the city provides. Synchronize all these points as the cut off comes and as you apply into a college.

Your choice has an inevitable impact on your life. Follow your passions and eventually try to emerge as the best in what you aspire to do.

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Soumya Mahajan

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