Checklist on the Admission Day

Once a great saint said. "All of us have been nagged by the Guptas and the Sharmas without any empathy for our mental agony, anxiety and sleeplessness during the admission season. But if you want to see the Guptas and the Sharmas going through the same agony, visit a place where admission procedures are underway. You will find the vibrations of the place similar to that of an ICU- many activities going on with seriousness at its peak."

In a college where admissions have started, you will find many anxious students, and parents nervous about their child's future, cursing the reservations, building up stories, helping others, and gorging on tasty canteen food (Canteen people declare a loot on admission days. Food is the remedy for anything for us Indians, so what if we have come for admissions!!). Among all this frenzy, you will find solace in seeing the people, who advised you to no end, nervous.

Now, as you are about to enter this crucial ( maybe sensitive) battlefield, arm yourself with the best weapons. A quick checklist:-

  1. Take enough water, standing in long queues at canteens, again and again, is not what you are there for.

  2. Enough charge on your phone. So that you can escape the uncle who has planned to give you no respite (But, first listen to him to know if his monologue is worth it. You will need an abundance of listening skills in college). Or, to check the scores. A brilliant conversation starter!

  3. Handkerchief. As you are going to sweat all the day. If having Air Conditioners in colleges is a parameter to check how lucky one is, most of the Indian students are jinxed.

  4. A written pact with your parents that they won't act any Gupta or any Sharma.

  5. A gentleman agreement with yourself that you wouldn't frown at your parents for their over-enthusiasm. At last, they are your parents.

  6. All the documents. A customary mistake everyone does. Even that guy who has scored 98%. It is a 'SHAGUN'.

  7. Mindfulness. Avoid this, if you don't mind getting lost in a new building, which at most of the times is built to confuse people.

  8. Patience. Deal with the system till you change it.

  9. Empathy. Be the change you want to see in the world. Every kid and his parents are there with hopes and anticipation.

  10. Maturity. Know what will be lost if you don't get this college. Accept whatever comes your way. Imbibe in you that life has just started.

  11. Caution. Don't get anyone started with ' When I was your age'.

  12. Proper dress. Don't wear a dress you wear to parties unless you can't live without them and find cotton clothes uncomfortable in summers ( or a cardigan in winters).

You have prepared well all these years, got good grades and are finally moving closer to your dream college. But, don't forget that it is not just the college that you are nearing, but adulthood and responsibility too. Enjoy every moment and have fun with responsibility.

P.S: All Sharmas and Guptas please oblige. We meant no disrespect to any of you. The post is to be read with a light mind.


These four years of my college life have saturated me with experiences. Writing is the only way I could try to desaturate myself. And, that would take my lifetime!

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