Beating exam pressure

You have an important exam the very next day and all you feel right now is a sudden bout of nervousness and wonder if it would go well and what would happen if the question paper is difficult or lengthy or if you aren’t able to ace it and feel more and more tensed as your imagination wanders, then please...

Take a deep breath and relax!

Here are 5 tips for you to handle the pre-exam pressure, depending on your habits :

1. Not learning anything new, just revising what you’ve already learnt vs. starting up new topics a day before
Learning anything new a day before the exam might leave you confused and all-tensed because you might panic that you do not know this and that and further might begin doubting your memory on what you’ve already learnt.

However, our human nature prevents us from doing well-planned preparation days before the exam and it is only exactly a day before the exam that we study real hard and get an unknown power to complete everything in just 1 day. So, whichever is your type, do-it-all much before or the last-minute-student, you don’t have to worry, all that matters in the end is that you’ve studied your topics.

2. Not viewing too many sample papers at once vs. asking for question papers from all the friends a day before and getting an idea of the questions
Do not mix up everything. Catch hold of 1 sample paper, practice it sincerely, the way you would write your actual exam and then move on to the next one. Do NOT view too many at once, you’ll only end up more confused and nervous. Sure, it’s great to have multiple references for the questions, but it is important to follow a proper sequence to avoid tension at the last minute.

3. Practice, practice and practice vs. reading the topics well
Write the important things down, neatly in bullet points and a well organized manner. They’ll come handy on the exam-morning revision.

Practicing the numerical and answers by writing them down surely helps but what do you do when you have less time and more syllabus left? Ditch the pen. Yes, if you remember things clearly by reading, there’s no need to practice same things again and again. Just give a few serious readings, take mental notes and you’re all set!

4. Keeping the negative thoughts away vs. worrying a little
You’ve aced all the exams that came along all this while, some of them being really difficult, so you’ll get through this one as well. There’s no need to worry, this isn’t the last exam of your life. Keep calm and prepare, calmness works wonders a day before. Nervousness is bound to happen, you can’t control it. All you can do is to prevent that feeling from overpowering your performing capabilities.

5. Have a good night’s sleep vs. studying all night
Waking up and giving a 24 hour sitting to a subject immediately a day before might the WORST idea ever! Your mind needs time to process the information which enters into it and sleep facilitates this processing.

But if you have a lot of syllabus left, can you sleep without getting tensed? In fact, you might not even be able to fall asleep. It’s okay to pull all-nighters before the exam if that assures you of your preparation, you can complete your sleep after the exam. And that’s what most of us do, don’t we?

At the end, remember that honest efforts never go in vain. Once you’ve worked hard till your capability permits, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Go ahead and give it a shot. A healthy, relaxed mind produces the best answers!

All the very best for your exams.