Avoiding Mistakes That Freshers Usually Make

It would be a start of something new, and we all tend to make mistakes. It is good to learn from your mistakes but even better to keep away from making one. Five things you probably want to keep a check on during your first year so that you wouldn’t make the same mistake as few of us did:

Avoiding your health

This is something that should be on the top of your list. As you enter into college there is going to be a lot of temptations. Enough sleep, eating wisely and healthy would benefit you. All the tempting outings, junk food would be hard to deal with but you don’t have to completely get those out of your way, just try to keep a balance. Exercise should be the most important part of your daily regime.

Money Management

You should start managing your money as soon as possible. It’s college folks! You might not realize when your pockets became empty or where you spent it. It is like magic, it would vanish if you don’t manage it at time. Budgeting might be new to you but it would be of a great help.

Choosing activities carefully

Here by activities I mean extracurricular activities you might want to join with your regular course. Now, you might be interested in various things but try to choose something that would not affect your actual course. Pick out something that is interesting and beneficial at the same time.

Getting to know people

Don’t confine yourself to a limited group of people; you might not know who you would end up with. Make new friends, don’t shy away. Everyone would be as clueless as you might be. Though many great friendships are made in the first few weeks, many, many more are made throughout the year.

Leaving everything for the night before

Time management is a recurrent theme, but only because it is very important. It’s normal to lose track of time in college. No matter how planned you were earlier something makes you a procrastinator. But it would be good if you don’t finish your assignment at 3am in the morning just the day you have to submit it. It would be a relaxing and satisfying feeling to go to bed knowing you have done all your work and your friends are just cracking up to do theirs.

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Soumya Mahajan

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