A school-boy to a college-guy

It’s the out-of-school time when life takes a 180 degree turn and you keep wondering how college life would exactly be.

This wait, amounting to 4 months, since most of the colleges start in July/August, while boards come to an end in March, seems like a lifetime. You become more and more anxious each day, reaching out to your seniors, asking for help and listening to their experiences, taking advises and wondering how many of them you’d actually be able to implement in your own life.

First impression, making friends, how would the college be, will people like me, how will I cope up with everything so new, to how will I ask out a girl if I like her, will my peers be better than me, won’t I be a misfit- and thousands of such questions rule your journey of transition from a school boy to a college guy.

While you might’ve imagined a thousand first-day scenarios in your head every day before going to sleep, trust me, it will turn out to be completely different and is beyond your imagination.

Yes, you won’t have to ‘act’ cool, you will automatically be-just be yourself. Nobody can play your role better than you.

  • Don’t worry about the new people, remember everyone would be new. Everyone would be on the same stand, the unfamiliar one. Be it the hep guitarist-guy, or the nerdy high rank holder, everyone needs friends. You’ll end up finding people like you.

  • Studies won’t squeeze you, the way they did in school, so do not worry. Once you join college, look out for societies working in your field of interests and join them. They’re a great way to connect with people and do what you love.

Do not consider yourself lower than anyone else. Everyone has their own set of talents, you have them too! While a protective atmosphere in school does not let us bother about all this, a college will. Just go with the flow and take your stand. It’ll work out to be great.

Take a deep breath, keep your worries aside, get up and dress well for your first day.
You’ll be a college guy with a ladder of ambitions and a great future to look ahead to. Bid adieu to the wonderful school memories.
Like every other change, this too, won’t disappoint.

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