A Road Less Travelled

With a Delhi University admission form kept in front of her and a pen in one hand, her mind and heart pulled her in opposite directions. Here’s how it went:
Heart: Forget everybody else and check the Psychology Hons. box, please do. Only you can save yourself from falling elsewhere.
Mind: Look at all those people standing in front of you with high hopes of you opting for Computer Science Hons., please don’t let them down.
Meanwhile, amidst all this chaos,
Mother: You’ve scored such a high percentage, go for a course which makes you realize your potential.
Father: I’ve always wanted my daughter to get into the software industry. You’ll make my dream come true, won’t you?
And with this, one more soul was crushed. Computer Science Hons.-tick. Desires-cross.
As her finger went up to trace her name in the admission list of her parents’ dream college, she prayed to have not made it. Her name at the top of it made her heart sank, meanwhile lifting up her parents’ spirits, they were on cloud nine.

Here’s a sneak peek into the story of almost all Indian households where dreams are crushed every year during the admission season. Any student who decides to take the road less travelled is discouraged in the beginning itself and most of them opt out for the fear of hurting their parents or going against their wishes or simply considering their dreams as their sole aim.
For those who dare to stand out, here’s a salute.
Following your passion is your karma, facing the difficulties your test, and overcoming them is victory.

Do not run behind a coveted course because of the name,
do not select a university for any course other than what you wish to pursue, merely because if the name. Because one day all this shall be reduced to merely a piece of paper containing your degree, a part of your resume; what shall hold is your work, which you’ll have to do every day.

Select a course which directs you to work which doesn’t seem like work at all. And as they say, do what you love and you won’t ever have to work for a single day in your life.
Open your eyes and make an informed decision. You are the one who’s going to study this, don’t let yourself be the sufferer. Go where your heart takes you, it’s the best place you can ever be in!

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