A Note to the Fresher Me

The last year of college makes us look at the past with a different sense and emotion. There are things we could have done, things we should not have done, things we enjoyed doing and things which made us go crazy.

After working hard in school life and specially toiling our way through high school, inquiring about the different fields you would like to choose, different colleges and seeing campuses, you finally reach here, a place you have earned.

You might feel that the years ahead would go by very slowly.
This is not true, time will pass with a blink of an eye. The last year would come very quickly without you realising this.

Look around your college, see the complete campus
It might not look attractive at first or something different from what you had expected. This would be where you would be spending the next few years of your life and trust me, they are going to be very memorable.

Take every step that would help you grow
You are here to learn, not only in the field of your choice but about life, about yourself. Learn new skills everyday. Don't hesitate before doing something you want to; utilise this place in your own development.

Do not worry about the future
Take rest. You have to work hard, but at your own pace. Do not start worrying about how you would manage studies, other activities, or even placements. All will happen at its own time. Let yourself adapt and enjoy the present. Go out, make friends, attend fests and workshops and explore; you might not be so free later.

Be a part of the crowd but with your own identity
Don't change yourself for others. There are times when you are on your own. Find yourself in the crowd, try and explore your interests and work on them.

Be happy, Stay confident
The new atmosphere might make you feel different but don't give up as soon as you feel that you are not able to adjust. It might take a while but everything will work out well for you.

Be confident and start your journey with a smile. Carry this smile on your face everyday and enjoy to the fullest.

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Soumya Mahajan

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