A Letter to the ‘Fresher Me’

After two years of toiling and hard work, scores of sleepless nights, anxiety about admissions and exams, standing in lines for numerous colleges, breathtaking minutes of cut-off announcements, crossing your fingers while the result is declared, chanting your prayer while the CBSE site loads the result, inquiring about colleges and campuses, talking to seniors and parents, you are finally here! Big or small, pleasing or disappointing, however this might be, but look at you- you have earned a place here.

Look at this campus- it’s going to be your home for the next 3 or 4 years, you are going to spend the most worthy time of your life here, cherish the sight. This canteen- it’s going to be food hub, your file completion space, your chill zone for all the years you’ll be spending here. This lawn is going to give you uncountable soothing memories for the time when life won’t seem alright- everything, no matter how unattractive it seems in the beginning, will pave its way into your lifestyle, learn to love them.

No matter what you encounter, do not change yourself in this journey. Before and after this phase, the only person you’ll have is yourself, learn to love yourself from the core of the heart. Don’t ever be ashamed of yourself and do not try to copy anybody else- you are best you can be!

You’ve worked hard enough to be here, please take rest now. Do not start worrying about your placement and marks as soon as you start with your degree, just let the new found freedom sink in. You’ll have lot of time to worry about these things later. Go out, make plans, make new friends, attend fests, attend workshops and explore everything- you’ll never be so free anytime later in life.

Utilize this time to grow, do not remain confined to your cocoon. Learn new skills everyday, do everything you want without thinking that it might be a waste of time, nothing is! You are here to learn, you are here to grow, you are here to be successful but above all, you are here to be happy.

Take a step towards this new journey with a smile, this time is all yours! :)

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