5 Types Of People You’ll Meet in College

With the vacations coming to an end and the first day to college approaching your life, being anxious is the new normal.

New place, new friends, new cities for some and a life entirely different from what you are leading right now can surely throw you off the track in the beginning, making sure you acclimatize to your new surroundings in every way.
All of us keep wondering till it really happens- What kind of people would be there in my college?
Would I really make friends the first day itself?
What if I land up with weirdos?

No matter where you go-near or far, whichever course you opt for, here are 5 types of people you’ll find in every classroom:

1. The Nerd:

We had them in school, we’ll have them in college too, because being a nerd never goes out of fashion. Not necessarily sporting big round glasses (well, if they do it’s easier to spot them), they shall take down all the notes from the first day itself, attend every damn class and actively answer the questions too!

2. The Chatterbox:

So while the whole class is quiet due to some reason and you hear whispering sounds catching on the latest gossip, you know you’ve found the chatterboxes of your class. Generally spotted on the corner benches or the one in the middle (to avoid detection), they just cannot live without speaking, come what may!

3. The Fashion Diva:

“OMG, did you look at her?” would be your words irrespective of your gender and your ignorance towards fashion. Not only the first day but every day henceforth, she’ll come dressed up like a party, put on her best makeup, try new hairstyles everyday and won’t fall short of clothes ever! She pulls every look wonderfully, from Indian to western to that oh-so-formal and manages to look great all the time.

4. The Crazy Guy:

The one for whom ‘let’s bunk yaar’ shall be an everyday affair, he’ll never fail to accompany you in every crazy plan you’ll ever think of. He has an offbeat passion, something which Indian parents won’t really appreciate much, but his eyes twinkle with dreams of being successful in what he loves doing and irrespective of any opposition, he shall go about realizing his passion.

5. The Sleepy Soul:

‘1, 2, 3 go’ turn around and you’ll find them fast asleep- that’s how the sleepy souls of your class are going to be. Boring classes, great classes, morning, afternoon, evening, after food, before food, they are ready to sleep anytime, anywhere! Their yawn is contagious like crazy and one look at them, you might feel sleepy too. Pretty obviously, they are never on time for the morning classes and mostly skip them for those extra ‘5 minutes’ which turn into an hour of heavenly sleep.

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