5 Things You Must Know About Making Friends in College

College- a place where the real life begins, where you’ll encounter both fire and ice; a place where there’ll be troubles but it’ll be sometimes nice.

It’s a place you’ve always dreamt of getting into, about the freedom you’ll get once you start; it’s about making friends, hating a few people and loving a few others.

You’ll meet a variety of people in college, unlike your school where you always lived in a comfort zone and with the same kind of people around you. Getting into an all-new world full of strangers can be tough, and you might end up wondering how to go about making new friends, how to judge people, how to differentiate between who’s right for you and who isn’t, who’ll be a good friend and who won’t be!

Here, keep calm and read about these 5 things you must know about making friends in college:
1. Everyone is on the same boat: You are not the only one new out there, everyone is. You’re not the only one who’s anxious about talking to new people, everyone is; and you’re not the only one who feels uneasy in this new place, everyone does. So relax and stop over thinking. It’s as difficult for those around you as it is for you, and they too understand what you’re going through. Nobody would judge you here, just go and talk to them.
2. Be yourself and the right people will come to you: It’s a place where you’re going to spend more than half of your day for around 3-4 years, so please do not fake. Be the real you, talk about your ambitions, your thoughts, your life the way it really is. Do not get carried away into becoming somebody else or trying to act like somebody else just because you think it is cool; the coolest person in your life has to be you always, no matter what! Once you are your true self, you’ll attract your kind of people and end up making good friends.
3. Be friendly to all and greet everyone with a smile: Initially, try interacting with everyone as this would help you to know more about the kind of people in your class and help you recognize what kind of people you really want. Talking to the fashion queen of your class, even though you are not interested in fashion might not be a bad idea at all; you never know she might be somebody with the same thought process as you!
4. Do not judge people by their appearance: This is the biggest mistake most of us often end up committing! There are people who might seem rude but are gentle within, there are people who might have an annoyed expression all day long but eventually turn out to be the funniest ones, and then there are people who seem really sweet but are selfish inside; you never know who is who by just looking at them. So go and talk to everyone, you might end up making that girl who smirks your best friend.
5. It takes time and a few broken friendships to find the real one: You might be somebody who trusts people really early and you might’ve been ditched by a few and end up being heartbroken in the first few days of college itself. You might be feeling useless and lonely and cursing your college badly but hey, look at those 70 people in your class you could still make friends with! The dreams of having your own squad WILL be fulfilled, let the time pass. You’ll find the right people, you’ll have fun, you’ll have a BFF, you’ll be happy, just chill and let the time work it out for you.

No matter how the initial days are, how nostalgic you might turn for your school every day, you’ll end up living a much better life here.
You’ll make friends for life, have the best outings, the coolest hangouts, and most importantly, trustworthy people to confide in.

This is place where you’ll find your soul sister, your best friend, your partner in crime, your shopping friend and many others. Embrace this life with a smile, it’s going to be fun!

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