5 Things You Must Know About Commuting On Your Own

Among all the steps towards independence we take while our transition from school to college, travelling is one of the most important one. By travelling independently I not only mean something you would do without your parents, siblings or even the familiar faces of the batch mates, but stepping out of the comfort zone into a world full of strangers, different faces every day.

You would be introduced to crowd filled metros, buses and all kinds of public transports.
You would understand the importance of commuting all by yourself when you realize you have started to acquire better knowledge about the roads, the different buildings. You would be familiar with all the routes.
The desire of exploring a place would always be lingering at the back of your head and it would only increase as you would travel to different places.

Travelling all by myself to my college gave me a sense of freedom I had never enjoyed while I was in school.

However, there are a few things one has to keep in mind when travelling through public transport:

1) “The Crowd”. You would not be meeting selfless people every day. You would witness strange people, queer instances. It might be irritating at first, but gradually you would get accustomed to both ignoring the irritable element and enjoying the way.

Seats in metros and buses are more precious than a handful of diamonds in the rush-hour. Try to find a seat, and if you are left standing then find a safe place where you might not be squeezed to the extent to which you realize the size of your skeleton.

2) WATER. Always travel with a water bottle. We don’t want to reach our colleges all parched and unenergetic.

3) Convenient mode of transport. Choose the most convenient and time saving mode of transport. Time is precious and because of the increased congestion it might be difficult to travel at ease. Choose your transport on the basis of efficiency, the one which would take the least time and is cost efficient.

  1. I am a regular bus user. And it’s usually very crowded even to get into it. The biggest mistake I made was to not get a student’s bus pass issued in my first year. I had to go through the routine of buying tickets by either passing my money or battling my way through the crowd to the conductor. It was in the second year I got my student’s bus pass made and life was easy. It saves your time, energy and money. I would advice that if you travel by buses, a student’s bus pass should be the first thing you do as you enter college.

5) Safety. Admit it, not all of us are grownups, and even if we are there are people or things we should be careful about. Always keep your eyes open, especially if you are stuck in a crowded place.

Keep these few things in mind and be a little observant. Enjoy it to the fullest because once you are out there it’s like a world you would have never seen before!

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Soumya Mahajan

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