5 Things a Science Student Can Relate To

Just got out of the critical 2-year phase of life?

Always been reminded that you are a science student and this is the time which makes or breaks your career?

Been to a lot of coaching classes, because CBSE and entrances-both had to be studied for?

Well, we bring you 5 ‘only science student’ things you might relate to:

1. You suddenly become the decision-maker in 11th:
Deciding which coaching classes to attend, which tuitions to look out for, which optional subject to choose, you wonder if you’ve suddenly grown up so much, well, in a matter of few months. Your career path depends on the choices you make, so choose wisely.

2. You are asked to leave your phone, WhatsApp, Facebook and every possible social networking site:
“This time won’t ever return”, we often hear our parents saying this. “Keep your phone aside, deactivate your Facebook account, stop using WhatsApp so much” are some more commonly heard advises by our parents. While we see our commerce and humanities friends enjoying their lives like before, we simply can’t.

3. Your room’s wall is full of papers and charts consisting of trigonometric identities and organic chemistry equations:
Yes, there are a few things which you need to learn by heart and must be able to recite properly even with your eyes closed. So pasting them on wall, just to make sure that you see them day and night and eventually end up learning everything.

4. Tests become an every-day affair:
With all the coaching classes following the norm of weekly tests, monthly test series and quarterly big tests, coupled with the school exams, you realize that life has reduced to one word ‘exams’. You can only heave a sigh of relief after one gets over, only to be faced by the next one pretty soon.

5. You given tips on how to manage the boards and entrances alike:
With everyone around you eager to advise you on how to balance your preparation, from that neighbor to your cousins, you are sometimes left confused. Do not ignore them, but do what makes you feel comfortable.

This might be the busiest, the most hectic and the most study-oriented period of our lives, but you’re bound to make really great friends, have a nice time giving those tests and not taking them seriously sometimes and making the best memories in your class and tuitions.

Make the most of this time, study, work hard, make your career and emerge successful. There’s an exciting world out there, waiting for you to step in!

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